# reboot now

I’m on the other side of my thirties now and it’s time to get real.

I deleted my Facebook–not judging if you dance with the Zuck but I cannot recommend it, myself–and I’ve reclaimed a bit of sanity and time. My kids are getting older, and I’m becoming more patient with my pursuits. I’m making a decent living doing something I enjoy, but I’m now looking downrange for the means to financial freedom and where my interests and aptitudes intersect, and I’m seeing tremendous potential for prosperity.

Short of counting chickens before they hatch, I’ll just proclaim that the time is right for a revival of creative interests and pursuits, and I look forward to sharing this exciting era with you.

Because I’m sworn off the traditional social media platforms, I can be found pretty handily on Discord (Ironpug#7008); I’m quite fond of it as a means of staying in contact, so feel free to hit me up there.

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